Visualization Library 2.1.0

A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics

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vl::RectF Member List

This is the complete list of members for vl::RectF, including all inherited members.

addPoint(const fvec2 &p)vl::RectFinline
bottom() constvl::Rect< float >inline
bottomLeft() constvl::RectFinline
height() constvl::Rect< float >inline
intersected(const Rect &other) constvl::Rect< float >inline
isNull() constvl::Rect< float >inline
isPoint() constvl::Rect< float >inline
left() constvl::Rect< float >inline
mHeightvl::Rect< float >protected
mWidthvl::Rect< float >protected
mXvl::Rect< float >protected
mYvl::Rect< float >protected
operator<(const Rect &other) constvl::Rect< float >inline
operator=(const Rect< float > &other)vl::RectFinline
operator=(const RectF &other)vl::RectFinline
Rect(const Rect &other)vl::Rect< float >inline
Rect()vl::Rect< float >inline
Rect(float x, float y, float width, float height)vl::Rect< float >inline
RectF(float x, float y, float width, float height)vl::RectFinline
RectF(const RectF &other)vl::RectFinline
RectF(const Rect< float > &other)vl::RectFinline
right() constvl::RectFinline
setHeight(float h)vl::Rect< float >inline
setWidth(float w)vl::Rect< float >inline
setX(float x)vl::Rect< float >inline
setY(float y)vl::Rect< float >inline
top() constvl::RectFinline
topRight() constvl::RectFinline
united(const Rect &other) constvl::Rect< float >inline
width() constvl::Rect< float >inline
x() constvl::Rect< float >inline
y() constvl::Rect< float >inline