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vl::AtomInfo Member List

This is the complete list of members for vl::AtomInfo, including all inherited members.
atomicMass() const vl::AtomInfo [inline]
atomicNumber() const vl::AtomInfo [inline]
AtomInfo(EAtomType type, const char *name, const char *symbol, int atomic_num, double atomic_mass, double melting_pt, double boiling_pt, double electroneg, double electron_aff, int valence, double calculated_r, double empirical_r, double covalent_r, double vdw_r, unsigned int cpk_color, unsigned int rasmol_color)vl::AtomInfo [inline]
boilingPoint() const vl::AtomInfo [inline]
calculatedRadius() const vl::AtomInfo [inline]
covalentRadius() const vl::AtomInfo [inline]
cpkColor() const vl::AtomInfo [inline]
electronAffinity() const vl::AtomInfo [inline]
electronegativity() const vl::AtomInfo [inline]
empiricalRadius() const vl::AtomInfo [inline]
mAtomicMassvl::AtomInfo [protected]
mAtomicNumbervl::AtomInfo [protected]
mBoilingPointvl::AtomInfo [protected]
mCalculatedRadiusvl::AtomInfo [protected]
mCovalentRadiusvl::AtomInfo [protected]
mCPKColorvl::AtomInfo [protected]
mElectronAffinityvl::AtomInfo [protected]
mElectronegativityvl::AtomInfo [protected]
meltingPoint() const vl::AtomInfo [inline]
mEmpiricalRadiusvl::AtomInfo [protected]
mMeltingPointvl::AtomInfo [protected]
mNamevl::AtomInfo [protected]
mRasMolColorvl::AtomInfo [protected]
mSymbolvl::AtomInfo [protected]
mTypevl::AtomInfo [protected]
mValencevl::AtomInfo [protected]
mVanDerWaalsRadiusvl::AtomInfo [protected]
name() const vl::AtomInfo [inline]
rasmolColor() const vl::AtomInfo [inline]
symbol() const vl::AtomInfo [inline]
type() const vl::AtomInfo [inline]
valence() const vl::AtomInfo [inline]
vanDerWaalsRadius() const vl::AtomInfo [inline]

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