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A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics

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vl::Time Member List

This is the complete list of members for vl::Time, including all inherited members.
as()vl::Object [inline]
as() const vl::Object [inline]
automaticDelete() const vl::Object [inline]
currentTime()vl::Time [static]
dayOfMonth() const vl::Time [inline]
dayOfWeek() const vl::Time [inline]
decReference()vl::Object [inline]
elapsed(int index=0) const vl::Time [inline]
hour() const vl::Time [inline]
incReference() const vl::Object [inline]
isStarted(int index=0) const vl::Time [inline]
mAutomaticDeletevl::Object [protected]
mDayOfMonthvl::Time [protected]
mDayOfWeekvl::Time [protected]
mHourvl::Time [protected]
microsecond() const vl::Time [inline]
minute() const vl::Time [inline]
mMicrosecondvl::Time [protected]
mMinutevl::Time [protected]
mMonthvl::Time [protected]
mObjectNamevl::Object [protected]
month() const vl::Time [inline]
mRefCountMutexvl::Object [protected]
mReferenceCountvl::Object [mutable, protected]
mSecondvl::Time [protected]
mStartvl::Time [protected]
mYearvl::Time [protected]
Object()vl::Object [inline]
Object(const Object &other)vl::Object [inline]
objectName() const vl::Object [inline]
operator=(const Object &other)vl::Object [inline]
refCountMutex()vl::Object [inline]
refCountMutex() const vl::Object [inline]
referenceCount() const vl::Object [inline]
second() const vl::Time [inline]
setAutomaticDelete(bool autodel_on)vl::Object [inline]
setObjectName(const char *name)vl::Object [inline]
setRefCountMutex(IMutex *mutex)vl::Object [inline]
sleep(unsigned int milliseconds)vl::Time [static]
start(int index=0)vl::Time [inline]
stop(int index=0)vl::Time [inline]
year() const vl::Time [inline]
~Object()vl::Object [protected, virtual]

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