Visualization Library v1.0.3

A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics

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vl::String Member List

This is the complete list of members for vl::String, including all inherited members.
acquireData() const vl::String [inline]
append(const String &other)vl::String
append(wchar_t ch, int count=1)vl::String
clear()vl::String [inline]
compare(const String &other) const vl::String
contains(wchar_t ch) const vl::String
contains(const String &str) const vl::String
count(wchar_t ch, int start=0) const vl::String
count(const String &str, int start=0) const vl::String
createData() const vl::String [inline, protected]
detectEncoding(const void *str, int byte_count, EStringEncoding encoding=VL_PLATFORM_DEFAULT_ENCODING)vl::String [static]
empty() const vl::String [inline]
endsWith(const String &str) const vl::String
endsWith(wchar_t ch) const vl::String
extractFileExtension(bool require_dot=true) const vl::String
extractFileName() const vl::String
extractPath() const vl::String
field(wchar_t separator, int field_index) const vl::String
fill(wchar_t ch)vl::String
filterStrings(std::vector< String > &strings, const String &filter)vl::String [static]
find(wchar_t ch, int start=0) const vl::String
find(const String &substr, int start=0) const vl::String
findBackwards(wchar_t ch) const vl::String
findBackwards(const String &str) const vl::String
findInLargeText(const String &substr, int start=0) const vl::String
fromAscii(const char *str, int size=-1)vl::String [static]
fromDouble(double value, int decimals=6)vl::String [static]
fromInt(int value)vl::String [static]
fromLatin1(const char *str, int character_count=-1)vl::String [static]
fromLongLong(long long value)vl::String [static]
fromPointer(const void *value)vl::String [static]
fromStdString(const std::string &str, bool utf8=true)vl::String [static]
fromStdWString(const std::wstring &str)vl::String [static]
fromUInt(unsigned int value)vl::String [static]
fromULongLong(unsigned long long value)vl::String [static]
fromUTF16(const unsigned short *str, int byte_count=-1)vl::String [static]
fromUTF16BE(const unsigned short *str, int byte_count=-1)vl::String [static]
fromUTF16LE(const unsigned short *str, int byte_count=-1)vl::String [static]
fromUTF8(const char *str, int byte_count=-1)vl::String [static]
getLowerCase(unsigned short ch)vl::String [static]
getTitleCase(unsigned short ch)vl::String [static]
getUpperCase(unsigned short ch)vl::String [static]
insert(int pos, const String &str)vl::String
insert(int pos, wchar_t ch, int count=1)vl::String
left(int count) const vl::String
length() const vl::String [inline]
loadText(const String &path, EStringEncoding encoding=VL_PLATFORM_DEFAULT_ENCODING)vl::String [static]
loadText(const char *path, EStringEncoding encoding=VL_PLATFORM_DEFAULT_ENCODING)vl::String [inline, static]
loadText(VirtualFile *file, EStringEncoding encoding=VL_PLATFORM_DEFAULT_ENCODING)vl::String [static]
loadText(void *data, int bytes, EStringEncoding encoding=VL_PLATFORM_DEFAULT_ENCODING)vl::String [static]
null() const vl::String [inline]
operator!=(const String &other) const vl::String [inline]
operator!=(const std::string &other) const vl::String [inline]
operator!=(const std::wstring &other) const vl::String [inline]
operator!=(const char *other) const vl::String [inline]
operator!=(const wchar_t *other) const vl::String [inline]
operator+(wchar_t ch) const vl::String [inline]
operator+(const String &other) const vl::String [inline]
operator+=(wchar_t ch)vl::String [inline]
operator+=(const String &other)vl::String [inline]
operator<(const String &other) const vl::String [inline]
operator=(const char *str)vl::String [inline]
operator=(const std::string &str)vl::String [inline]
operator=(const wchar_t *wstr)vl::String [inline]
operator=(const std::wstring &str)vl::String [inline]
operator==(const String &other) const vl::String [inline]
operator==(const std::string &other) const vl::String [inline]
operator==(const std::wstring &other) const vl::String [inline]
operator==(const char *other) const vl::String [inline]
operator==(const wchar_t *other) const vl::String [inline]
operator[](int i) const vl::String [inline]
operator[](int i)vl::String [inline]
platformSlash()vl::String [inline, static]
prepend(const String &str)vl::String
prepend(wchar_t ch, int count)vl::String
printf(const char *fmt,...)vl::String [static]
ptr() const vl::String [inline]
ptr()vl::String [inline]
remove(wchar_t ch, int start=0, int count=-1)vl::String
remove(const String &str, int start=0, int count=-1)vl::String
remove(int start, int count)vl::String
replace(wchar_t old_ch, wchar_t new_ch)vl::String
replace(int start, int count, wchar_t ch)vl::String
replace(int start, int count, const String &str)vl::String
replace(const String &oldstr, const String &newstr, bool case_sensitive=true)vl::String
resize(int character_count)vl::String
right(int count) const vl::String
split(wchar_t separator, std::vector< String > &fields, bool remove_empty_fields=false) const vl::String
split(const String &separator_list, std::vector< String > &fields, bool remove_empty_fields=false) const vl::String
splitLines(std::vector< String > &lines) const vl::String
startsWith(const String &str) const vl::String
startsWith(wchar_t ch) const vl::String
String(const String &other)vl::String
String(const wchar_t *wstr)vl::String
String(const char *str)vl::String
String(wchar_t ch, int count=1)vl::String [explicit]
substring(int start, int count=-1) const vl::String
toAscii(std::string &ascii, bool translate_non_ascii_chars=true) const vl::String
toDouble() const vl::String
toFloat() const vl::String [inline]
toInt(bool hex=false) const vl::String
toLatin1(std::vector< unsigned char > &latin1) const vl::String
toLowerCase() const vl::String
toStdString() const vl::String
toStdWString() const vl::String
toUpperCase() const vl::String
toUTF16BE(std::vector< unsigned char > &utf16, bool include_utf16be_signature=true) const vl::String
toUTF16LE(std::vector< unsigned char > &utf16, bool include_utf16le_signature=true) const vl::String
toUTF8(std::vector< unsigned char > &utf8, bool include_utf8_signature=true) const vl::String
toUTF8(std::string &utf8, bool include_utf8_signature=true) const vl::String
trim(wchar_t ch)vl::String
trim(const String &chars)vl::String
trimStdString(const std::string &text)vl::String [static]

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