Visualization Library v1.0.3

A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics

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vl::Bond Member List

This is the complete list of members for vl::Bond, including all inherited members.
as()vl::Object [inline]
as() const vl::Object [inline]
atom1() const vl::Bond [inline]
atom2() const vl::Bond [inline]
automaticDelete() const vl::Object [inline]
Bond()vl::Bond [inline]
Bond(const Bond &other)vl::Bond [inline]
bondType() const vl::Bond [inline]
color() const vl::Bond [inline]
decReference()vl::Object [inline]
id() const vl::Bond [inline]
incReference() const vl::Object [inline]
mAtom1vl::Bond [protected]
mAtom2vl::Bond [protected]
mAutomaticDeletevl::Object [protected]
mColorvl::Bond [protected]
mIdvl::Bond [protected]
mObjectNamevl::Object [protected]
mRadiusvl::Bond [protected]
mRefCountMutexvl::Object [protected]
mReferenceCountvl::Object [mutable, protected]
mTypevl::Bond [protected]
mUseAtomColorsvl::Bond [protected]
mVisiblevl::Bond [protected]
Object()vl::Object [inline]
Object(const Object &other)vl::Object [inline]
objectName() const vl::Object [inline]
operator=(const Object &other)vl::Object [inline]
radius() const vl::Bond [inline]
refCountMutex()vl::Object [inline]
refCountMutex() const vl::Object [inline]
referenceCount() const vl::Object [inline]
setAtom1(Atom *atom)vl::Bond [inline]
setAtom2(Atom *atom)vl::Bond [inline]
setAutomaticDelete(bool autodel_on)vl::Object [inline]
setBondType(EBondType type)vl::Bond [inline]
setColor(const fvec4 &color)vl::Bond [inline]
setId(unsigned int id)vl::Bond [inline]
setObjectName(const char *name)vl::Object [inline]
setRadius(float radius)vl::Bond [inline]
setRefCountMutex(IMutex *mutex)vl::Object [inline]
setUseAtomColors(bool use_atom_color)vl::Bond [inline]
setVisible(bool visible)vl::Bond [inline]
useAtomColors() const vl::Bond [inline]
visible() const vl::Bond [inline]
~Object()vl::Object [protected, virtual]

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