Visualization Library v1.0.3

A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics

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/home/master/UCL/VisualizationLibrary/src/vlGraphics/SceneManagerPortals.hpp File Reference

#include <vlGraphics/Actor.hpp>
#include <vlCore/Vector4.hpp>
#include <vlCore/Vector3.hpp>
#include <vlGraphics/SceneManager.hpp>
#include <vlCore/Log.hpp>
#include <vlGraphics/Frustum.hpp>

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class  vl::Portal
 A planar convex polygon used to define the visibility from one Sector to another. More...
class  vl::Sector
 Defines an area containg a set if Actor[s] that is connected to other Sector[s] through its Portal[s]. More...
class  vl::Sector::VisibilityCallback
 A callback object called each time a Sector becomes visible through a Portal. More...
class  vl::SceneManagerPortals
 The SceneManagerPortals calss implements a portal-based hidden surface removal algorithm to efficently render highly occluded scenes. More...


namespace  vl

Visualization Library namespace.

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